Blue Water Red Shadows


Book 1 | Book 2

Johnny Vu Thriller Series Book 1 | Book 2

Thief, smuggler and spy, Johnny Vu is in deadly action, with loyalties to none.

A master spy from Beijing's Military Intelligence organizes a breach of U.S. national military security. Johnny Vu, elusive thief and technology spy, joins with the Chinese Colonel in an alliance. Their espionage target: an American cabal to pursue a regime change war against Pyongyang and its allies in China. Johnny Vu, a chameleon in broad daylight, is a deadly dragon in the darkness of Washington as he pursues the U.S. military secrets Beijing needs.

Johnny Vu risks lives and liberty in this explosive thriller. Foreign governments spawn their espionage. Caught in the middle, beautiful young women disappear or are found murdered in strange ways. Vu's swallow, a seductive beauty, alias 'Rebecca Sorenson', closes in on the military secrets. But she faces a death trap ritual as her final fate. Ideologies, fanaticism and greed mix in fiery destruction and death in the pages of Blue Water_Red Shadows.

Headline news from the Korean peninsula paces this Chinese espionage thriller. North Korean nuclear warheads and missiles blackmail and threaten Japan, South Korea and the United States, as Johnny Vu and the Chinese Intelligence breach the encrypted digital walls of Naval Intelligence.

Betrayed by unfathomable treachery, U.S. Naval Power in the East China Sea and the Taiwan Straits teeters in the balance. Chinese submarines leave their green water patrols along the coastline of the Motherland and head for blue water confrontation in the Yellow Sea and the Korean Strait.

Blue Water_Red Shadows could be tonight's reality, hidden out of sight, until its volatile ending.