Blue Water Red Shadows


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Serracin, the creator of the Johnny Vu Thriller series, began his writing career in the film industry, creating documentaries, children's television specials, and detective and thriller film scripts. He wrote scripts for animated shorts and features, and even did English version scripts for imported films. He earned credits for director, producer, writer, editor and director of photograpy and numerous awards.

His special photographic and techinical skills drew him away from writing short stories and scripts for decades. He returned to fiction with his idea for a character who could be developed into a thriller genre series--Johnny Vu.

Serracin worked continuously on the world of this main character, focusing on a the need for a pivotal setting to launch Johnny Vu. The year of 2009 was that moment and the event was the inauguration in Washington, D.C. Concurrent threatening events in the world were aligning perfectly. North Korea was rattling its nuclear missiles. China was celebrating its arrival as number two in the Pacific. The challenges and dramas were the meat of the story through which Johnny Vu would work.

Serracin lives and works in California. Beside his caring for two dogs, he enjoys baseball, anything digital, intelligent people, a gentle breeze that moves his chimes and Chinese gong, green tea and laughter. He annoys easily and believes that the most dangerous weapon of mass destruction is stupidity.

About Johnny Vu Author Serracin is the pen name of the creator of the Johnny Vu Thriller Series. The first novel in the series is Blue Water_Red Shadows.

Serracin's second book, Flying Money_Buddha Laughing, expands the Johnny Vu thriller series across the globe.